Year after year, Meridian Aviation has earned rave reviews as one of the best FBO's in the southeast. Comments were submitted to third-party site airnav.com.


Very nice FBO with new and clean facilities. Coffee, hot dogs, popcorn, and soft serve ice cream there for the taking. To top if off, super low fuel prices. I'll be back!
Bryan B.
Flew our C-208 Caravan into MEI for a pit stop and lunch. Excellent service with good fuel prices.
Alan S.
Stopped on our way to Sun N Fun 4/12 and 4/15 for fuel. Folks at Meridian Aviation are great. Chris Sutton was great. The FBO is very nice and clean, not to mention the complementary ice cream and hotdogs. Thanks guys. Oh by the way the fuel prices are very good too.
Ron D.
One of the best FBO's anywhere. Great fuel prices, fantastic service, and the kids loved the free ice cream and hotdogs!
Steve B.
Flew our C-208 Caravan into MEI for a pit stop and lunch. Excellent service with good fuel prices.
Alan S.
The best FBO in the south hands down. These guys know how to make someone feel welcome, even in a single engine piston. Treated us like royalty AND the cheapest gas for miles around. The FBO has all the food you could imagine (mostly free)! Hot dogs, soft serve ice cream, fruit, coffee... Everything! With a few gallons of gas the overnight fees were waived. They even let us borrow one of their vans for the night. Awesome people here!
Mark B.
Great fuel stop! I would highly recommend.....
Mike H.
I often stop here for a quick-turn due to great service and a good fuel price; last two trips they guys and gals have been "over the top" and I want to commend them -- recognizing one of my pax would appreciate a golf cart they ran and got one; today they recognized me taxiing in and brought the golf cart "in case" I had the same pax on board --- EXTREMELY WELL DONE folks!
Jim M.
WITHOUT A DOUBT THE BEST FBO I HAVE EVER SEEN, for all the reasons mentioned by others. Cheapest gas around. And did I mention that I was stuck in Meridian 6 days because of wx, trying to get to Texas? No problem -- nobody else wanted the courtesy van so I kept it the whole time!
John L.
Great fuel stop! I would highly recommend.....
Mike H.
Flew our C-208 Caravan into MEI for a pit stop and lunch. Excellent service with good fuel prices.
Alan S.
Overnight in MEI and experienced snow in MS, the fine people at Meridian Aviation worked with us to accomplish our flight the next day in exceptional fashion. Chris, the front desk, and line crew were all above the level of service I expected. Good job to all of you. I will recommend and use Meridian Aviation in the future. P.S. The gas prices are some of the best anywhere also!
Larry L.
Stopped in overnight with a Cessna 150 on my way to Oklahoma. The staff was great and even let me use the courtesy van overnight to get to and from the hotel. They even promptly fueled the plane for an early morning departure. I will be back. Thanks from 73TV!
Sy P.
Stopped by MEI on 22DEC2012 for fuel. As always the staff and facilities were simply outstanding! Lowest fuel prices around and all the free snacks/drinks just can't be beat! Well done to the owners and staff at MEI!
Joe K.


I stopped for fuel on Saturday the 8th and was delighted to find free hot dogs and very friendly people. When I tried to leave my plane would not start. Andrea went out of her way to find help for me, and Eugene was able to get my starter to work. This is a terrific FBO which I would recommend to every pilot who is in the Meridian area.
Robert H.
Made two stops in a B-25 "Betty's Dream" Great service, quick turns, free hot dogs and ice cream, crew van to the airport, and big fuel discount on a 500 gallon purchase. Great stop!!!
Doug R.
Almost didn't post my comments because there are already so many accurately positive remarks, but here goes anyway... Truly the best FBO I've ever visited. Make it a point to stop whether I need fuel or not. Fresh cup (brewed a cup at a time) of Starbucks coffee and an ice cream cone will get you on your way. Clean, polite, first class.
Chris S.
I have laid over here before and have always had a good experience. However lately it seems to have gotten even better! I haven't been there in a while and the facilities are even nicer. Fuel is still an excellent value. Line guy met me at the SS pump just to check if I needed anything. Stopping here is an easy decision.
Rick S.
Stopped in on my way to South Carolina because I thought the write ups on this place were simply to good to be true. Was I ever wrong! Next time I'm in the area I will go out of my way to land here for fuel. Nice place, nicer people, great service.
Jim B.
These people know how to treat customers. I have never felt more welcome anywhere. We will be back!
Barry S.
I have been there several times in a Cessna 162 (Light Sport) and it doesn't seem to matter what you fly in, the treatment and service is second to none. Great people, quick, courteous and professional treatment. The free hot dogs, ice cream, coffee and even a waffle making machine is a big plus. They even allowed me to take one of their courtesy vans to a motel for the night. If I am anywhere near Meridian, I will stop in even if it's a little out of the way. If you ever get the chance, do yourself a favor and stop there. You won't regret it!
Todd P.


The best I've seen of any GA FBO, snacks, waffles, hot dogs, a Starbucks machine, and some of the best sweet tea southern girls can brew, and the most friendly service. (Mark, Ty, Kristi J, and CiCi.) I operate often out of Key and doing long cross countries is always a reminder of how lucky I am to get the incredible service that is provided with a smile!
Patrick M.
Flew here for fuel and rest break in the way to Texas. The service is excellent and the FBO is well equipped and well run. I will be back. And the complementary hot dog, ice cream, coffee, and popcorn are icing on the cake.
Omeed A.
Arrived in company C550 - Clean NO FOD Ramp, Fast Fuel Service, reasonably priced. Attentive line service, took our sump draining without having to hunt for the line personnel. Super Facility, I like the Thrust Reverser for the Customer Service Counter. All the food you could ask for at an FBO, Waffles, Hot Dogs, Ice Cream Cones, Tea, all COMPLIMENTARY. Can't ask for anything more. Great Job Meridian Aviation :) ********** (10 Stars!)
Karl Y.
Meridian Aviation sets the standard for GA FBO's. What a pleasant experience. Outstanding service, complimentary food snacks, and as good a gas price as there is. My stop of choice in the Southeast.
John J.
I flew in for overnight stop the first week of June on the way from to Orlando and again on the return flight. This is one of the nicest GA stops I have ever experienced in over twenty years of flying. The people were very friendly and they provided my wife and I a van to use overnight to drive to our hotel and back the next morning on BOTH trips. NO CHARGE, no tie down fee, and very reasonable fuel costs. How does it get any better? Well, they also have complimentary popcorn, nachos, waffles and other goodies. AMAZING. Thanks for your hospitality. I will go out of my way to visit again.
Karl P.
I and my four passengers in my Bonanza diverted to Key Field last Sunday after thunderstorms formed over our destination north of Laurel, MS. We were on our way to a visitation for an elderly uncle who had passed away. The Meridian Aviation folks were incredibly friendly and helpful. When securing a large enough rental car on short notice proved difficult, they loaned us one of their passenger vans for the trip, which was about 45 minutes each way! Meridian Aviation has earned a place on my short list of FBOs to go out of the way to.
Adam B.
Stopped at Meridian on the way to Florida...What a pleasant experience! We were literally met with a red carpet on the tarmac, and everyone was friendly and service-oriented. I had mentioned that a strut seemed a little low, and by the time we came back the following morning (8am), Jonathan had already checked it out! We will go out of our way to stop here on our cross-country trip from now on.
Kimber E.
Best airport that I have ever landed at. Great service, nice people, and nice facility. A place to be proud of. Stopped in on my way to Gulfport from Seymour, IN.
Dale Y.
Stopped for gas on way to Sun n Fun. Cheap gas.. Free hot dogs and popcorn. Great staff nice facility.
Greg H.
Great FBO. I was guided to my front row parking spot in my Bonanza, greeted by a friendly lineman who took my fuel order and called the fuel truck, and my tanks were being topped before I had my bags on the tarmac. When I left the next day, I received the same friendly, helpful service even though I was only able to take on 9 gallons due to my short flight in from my home field. The FBO offers free popcorn, hotdogs, ice cream, coffee, and iced tea in their kitchen, and they have tables and chairs outside to sit and watch the Navy jets come and go. The experience at Meridian Aviation is very different from the one I had the previous weekend at a major chain FBO at a major airport 125 NM NE of MEI where I paid $2 too much for fuel per gallon because they are the only FBO on the field. Other FBOs could learn a major lesson in customer relations from this one.
Kyle K.
Outstanding facility and people. Wholly agree with the commends below. If in the area, make this your fuel stop.
Richard W.
What a great fuel stop! Great folks, super clean and nice facility, self serve fuel AND free hot dogs and softserve ice cream. Friday is free pizza day, too.
Jay L.


SUPERB FBO! Inexpensive fuel, attentive crew and great facilities. A MUST STOP when in the general area.
Galin H.
Others have already said it all, I'm just piling on. Great service, great food, cheap fuel ($3.75 SS, $4.06 FS). They lent us a van, and made us a reservation at a local hotel. Open late, open early. Friendly. What more can you ask for?
Dan L.
Excellent fuel stop... Very accommodating staff and you can't miss the "Chili Cheese Dogs"!
Excellent place to stop. Great 100LL fuel price, $3.75. Family loves the Chili Cheese dogs, popcorn, belgian waffles, sweet tea and the wife loved the Starbucks coffee. Best of all it was the right pilot price, FREE.
Laurence G.
I landed at Meridian while ferrying an Air Tractor 502. Scott, who parked me (next to an F-18, woo woo!), is the only one who has had the good sense to step out from behind the nose once he had me lined up, so I could see his signals. All the others have stood rooted in place as they disappear from my view, futilely waving their arms over their heads as that big prop advances on them. Scott didn't even wait till he couldn't see me--he clearly understood what was about to happen. I told him right away I didn't need any fuel, but had only landed because of weather ahead, but he and the CSR inside couldn't have been nicer and more accommodating if I'd filled the hopper with Jet-A.
Gerald C.
All I can say is GREAT PLACE TO STOP!! I arrived on Friday, not knowing it was Pizza day! Great lounge, hot dogs, chili, ice cream, Starbuck's coffee and all FREE!! This has to be my favorite stop in the country, I even go a bit out of my way if I need fuel to stop there. Plus, you get to see many cool military planes and chat with military pilots!! My last stop I spoke with a guy on his way to Afghanistan...God Bless our fighter pilots!!
Brandon M.
Absolutely top-notch FBO! Flew in for a fuel stop on the way to Texas on 10/7/10 in a Seminole and a line guy was waiting to park us. We were being fueled before we even got out of the plane! The CSR up front was very friendly, helping my copilot and myself get a low-enroute chart that we didn't have. She offered us use of the crew van and also told us about the free food they had. They had hot dogs, a waffle maker, popcorn, and chocolate ice cream! Enjoyed the service and amenities so much, we used it as a fuel stop the following day and was surprised to find that they have pizza on Fridays! What a place. Will definitely use this FBO again when going out west. Excellent job line and customer service!
Brandon B.
Flew in with my 4-year-old son for a quick visit with my parents. The lineman was extremely friendly, speaking with my son and me. He told us about the complimentary ice cream, hot dogs, etc. My dad met us at the FBO. Before we left, we did partake of the hot dogs. Great FBO and great staff- linemen and the lady at the front desk.
Adam D.
Exceptional Service by both the ground and office staff. Facility was recently remodeled and provides modern up to date flight planning and very comfortable pilot areas. Up to date computers and printers. Courtesy Vans are available. Hangar space, etc. Fuel price at SS is excellent. I arrived to free hotdogs and left with a fresh warm waffle! If you are in the area, STOP here. I'll be back.
Jim L.
Excellent customer service, very prompt line personnel and very courteous at the front desk! NO CHARGES for parking on the flight line while we were allowed to use a courtesy vehicle to take care of lunch and business! Y'all are so nice and we will come back again and again!!! Oh yea, almost forgot to tell everyone about driving down to ENTERPRISE and go to the GRILLE Restaurant!!! Excellent down home cookin’!!!
Mark C.
We stopped for fuel while bringing my new (to me) plane across the country. Renata greeted us on the ramp who pushed another plane out of the way as we approached to make room for us at the Self-serve pump. Gas was $3.95! After helping us fuel, she whisked us to the FBO for hot dogs, iced tea and ice cream. We left refreshed and ready for our final leg home. Great staff, great gas price and great service!
Tim S.
We stopped for fuel Tuesday August 17th. Great fuel prices, a state of the art FBO facility, free food, a crew van to use overnight (because of weather), and friendly people with great service. I have stopped at MEI many times over the years, and simply have not found a better FBO experience! Keep up the good work.
Steve C.
Was met by Renata (best of the best line service personnel) and marshaled to parking. Self-service fuel was convenient and quick. Renata invited us into the FBO for iced tea, hot dogs and an ice cream cone. Meridian, Key Field has got to be one of the finest FBO's in the southeast.
Larry L.
My plane had a small glitch. The FBO management and team couldn't have been more helpful and friendly. From taking care of the plane for a week to offering help repairing it, they went over and above anything that might have been expected. Chris and his team were welcoming, friendly faces when we needed them. Sincere thanks to you all!
Neil C.
I just can't speak highly enough about this airport and FBO! The fuel is very reasonably priced and the crew at Meridian Aviation is top notch. Our generator belt broke on the flight prior to our stop and they were so amiable and helpful in getting it fixed. Employees Bradley, Willie, and Katy went that extra mile to see to it that we will stop there again and again in the future.
Regis D.
We made an unplanned afternoon stop at Meridian, MS on the return trip from New Orleans (NEW) with some electrical problems. The local hangar rats had good suggestions and even some tools to loan. There was great support from the desk at Meridian Aviation with precise directions to some local stores, a loaner van, and some hangar space as we were soon into the afternoon thunderstorms. They even let us use the van overnight to go to the hotel since weather and approaching dusk made continued VFR unreasonable for me. We found the people in the community (restaurants, stores, and hotel) equally friendly and helpful. We were treated like honored guests, even though we were tired and sweaty and only needed 13 gallons of fuel and a battery for our little homebuilt, a good night's rest and a couple of meals. What a great place to be forced to spend a night! I hope we can go back again for a PLANNED visit. Southern hospitality is a reality in Meridian!
Mark B.
ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Cheap gas, parked next to an F-4 Phantom, only one high wing plane in sight, free chili dogs and the privilege to see some future Marine and Navy seaman aviators learning to ply their Patriot's Trade from the air, ... MEI...What a glimpse of heaven for this old Marine grunt.
Jeff U.
Most impressive FBO that I have EVER visited!! Will be back!!!
Dale Y.

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